Get your house design right the 1st time

Sometimes when designers design a house for a client, the client falls in love with the design, they are then told by the builder once the design has been assessed by an accredited energy assessor, that unfortunately the design will not comply and it will have to be redesigned to for the block and comply with the energy ratings, this can be heartbreaking, as I know personally, you just love the design as it is and when you are told that it has to be redesigned you may not have the rooms where you want, you may have to have a dark coloured roof to get the energy rating up etc.

 Solar Passive designed homes – from

 4.3 Orientation

A home that is well positioned on its site delivers significant lifestyle and environmental benefits.

Correct orientation assists passive heating and cooling, resulting in improved comfort and decreased energy bills.

The information is presented in three parts:




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