Following is my…

Following is my first post in the Forumthermomix site

I have been a member since I got my Thermomix, (the beast as my husband calls it).
I pop in every day, but have not posted anything until now, a little shy (not normal for me), however just a little unsure of the internet in general.

I have not used my machine as much as I would have liked and or should, but life gets in the way.

I have started using it since my husbands b/d party that i had to cook for 35 people, I made good use of the beast, and it worked very hard all day, while I was doing other things.

it certainly opened my eyes as to the time-saving recipes that I can make, I just have to get my husband to not dislike (the $2000 anchor) as much.

I had my varoma demo last weekend, at it was a blast, my DH actually ate 2 of the lemon coconut puddings and said they were edible, for him that is a GREAT compliment.

I have been following most of the threads through the forum and would like to applaud all who contribute as it can be hard work.

I have found, though that there are not a lot of English speaking videos to watch, I have scoured the internet to find them so anyone who has made one congrats, and keep them coming especially for people like me who are a little daunted by the machine.



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